Gender Values Questionnaire

a) Your name is:

b) Your sex is:

c) Your age is:
 Under 25 years
 25-35 years
 36-45 years
 46-55 years
 56-65 years
 over 66 years
d) You work in:
 large public company
 large private company
 small business
 government sector
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e) Your position type:
 Managing Director/Director
 Senior management
 Middle management

Click the button in the column that most closely represents the answer that best applies to you in your workplace.

 StatementNeverVery rarelyRarelySome timesQuite oftenOftenAlways
1When introduced to someone, I think it is important to indicate your level of experience.
2I enjoy being competitive with others in work-related projects.
3I prevent interruptions when I’m busy.
4I prefer the responsibility of working alone on a task rather than as part of a team.
5I am uncomfortable when I have to give a direct order.
6I actively focus on restoring harmony when there’s been a conflict.
7If I have a major personal problem, I prefer to talk it over with colleagues.
8I prefer to discuss work problems with others rather than solve them alone.
9I’m unconcerned if someone at work doesn’t like me, as long as I have their respect.
10I like being motivated by challenges where you must prove you’re better than someone else.
11When chatting, I prefer to talk about things and activities rather than personal matters.
12If I’m confused, I try to work it out myself rather than ask for help or advice.
13If I disagree with an explicit order, I debate it or find a way to get around it.
14Unresolved conflict makes me very uncomfortable.
15If someone appears to be upset, I’ll find an opportunity to let them talk about it with me.
16If I come across new information I go out of my way to share it with my colleagues.
17I like it if my work status is higher than that of others around me.
18I enjoy challenging someone’s point of view and seeing if I can win.
19I get annoyed with people who let their emotions interfere with their effectiveness.
20When I know what needs to be done, I find that consultation in the workplace isn’t worth the time it takes.
21If I’ve got to discipline someone at work, I start or finish with an apology.
22I would rather compromise than create an argument.
23I rely on gut feeling more than logic when making difficult decisions.
24I would be hurt if a close colleague spoke against a project of mine when other important people are present.