About Candy Tymson

With more than twenty five years managerial experience in public relations and marketing Candy is a sought after speaker and business coach with a natural and entertaining style.

She is the co-author of The Australian & New Zealand Public Relations Manual, now in its fifth edition, and author of Gender Games: Doing Business with the Opposite S-x.

As the Lady Mayoress of Sydney (her husband is Jeremy Bingham) she gave the keynote address at a fund-raising event which raised

$1 million dollars in pledges in one night.

She is a Fellow of both the Public Relations and Marketing Institutes of Australia and has a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management and Coaching.

Candy is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest international accreditation designated by the International Federation of Professional Speakers — achieved by only 7 per cent of speakers world-wide.

Candy speaks and delivers workshops on:

  • Gender Games
    Women have become a major consumer force... Are you cashing in on this lucrative market or losing sales to more female-friendly competitors.

  • How to Promote your Business for Little or No Cost
    Get into the minds of your customers without investing a fortune.

  • Have you Read any Good People Lately?
    Learn what drives and motivates people to help you successfully manage client and team relationships.

  • Handling Difficult People
    This session will provide you with the latest skills in negotiation and conflict resolution and teach you how to build rapport and motivate others.


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