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As a Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter and Executive Coach for 10 years my specialty is Gender Communications, which is the process of understanding the different ways men and women communicate (and don't communicate) in business.

As a professional motivational speaker, I address issues such as effective communication and negotiation skills for business, selling and personal relationships. In addition, my speciality Gender Communications is a very diverse subject and includes male/female differences, dealing with the opposite gender, harassment and selling to women.

Available on this website are a number of articles and tools which can help you to communicate more effectively, as well as some wonderful insights into the different ways men and women use conversation, handle projects and use their bodies to communicate different messages.

If you are interested in using the art of communication to get ahead in business, then you will find the information contained in the book Gender Games: Doing Business With The Opposite S-x of tremendous value in today's competitive world.If you find the information on this site useful and would like to know

more, then check out our Speaking and Training Sessions and other resources.

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